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April 24-26, 2017 - Houston, TX

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Hospitality, Business Travel, and Employment Law






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Hospitality Education Partners, Petra Risk Solutions– America’s largest independent insurance brokerage devoted exclusively to the hospitality marketplace offer Hospitality members access to specialist knowledge of hospitality insurance & loss prevention through free educational materials and videos.

Todd Seiders – Director of Loss Control, Certified Lodging Security Director 

Todd is a retired Police Officer with 20 years of law enforcement experience. A large portion of his career was spent in the Anaheim Resort area, dealing with Hotel, Tourist and Amusement Park issues.

Todd entered the hospitality workforce as the Director of Loss Prevention for a large airport Marriott Hotel. Todd has extensive hands on experience with administering Hotel Security, OSHA Safety, and Loss Prevention programs in the workplace.

Todd is a Certified Lodging Security Director (CLSD), awarded by the American Hotel Lodging Association.

Todd is currently the Director of Loss Control for Petra Risk Solutions, one of the largest hotel specific insurance brokers in the United States. He oversees the risk management and claims departments for approximately 3000 hotels, resorts and spas nationwide.

Informational Videos


How to Handle Police and Law Enforcement Request for Hotel Guest Information

Managing Prom & Grad

Managing Prom Nights & Graduation Parties

Front Desk Practices

Front Desk Best Practices

Preventing noro-viruses

Preventing Noroviruses at Your Prperty

Handling Intoxicated Guests

Handling Intoxicated Guests: Preventing Drunk Driving

Employees Under the Influence

Employees Under the Influence

Regulating the use of E-Cigarettes

Regulating the Use of Electronic Cigarettes by Hotel Guests

Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety

ADA Pool Lift Update

ADA Pool Lift Update

Hotel Shuttles & ADA Compliance

Hotel Shuttles & ADA Compliance

ADA Service Animals

ADA Service Animals


First 15 Minutes After an Accident

Documents & Resources

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Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes

Automatic Electronic Defibrillators in Hotels

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