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DOL Sets its Sights on the Hospitality Industry – Exemptions, Independent Contractors and Other Compliance Challenges

Gone are the days of federal government outreach to employers and providing education and compliance assistance. As a result, the risk of US Department of Labor investigations and large penal-ties has increased substantially especially for hospitality employers. The DOL considers hospitality to be a “high risk” industry for wage and hour violations because the industry employs large numbers of “vulnerable” employees (younger workers, temporary workers and seasonal workers) who are not likely to complain and because the industry is what the DOL calls a “fissured industry” by which it means the industry is dominated by arrangements (such as franchises and management agreements) which results – in the DOL’s opinion – in the dilution of both the relationship between employer and employee and the responsibility for compliance with employment laws. This session will help you understand the DOL’s current enforcement positions and provide you with practical solutions to address these challenges.

Andria Ryan

Fisher & Phillips