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The® Research Library is an essential resource for hotel owners and operators. This archive contains a comprehensive collection of Hospitality Law Conferences and Global Travel Risk Summits Series white papers and presentations written by industry leaders, hotel and restaurant experts, and hotel and restaurant lawyers.



Website Litigation Under the ADA: Protect Your Property From Lawsuits – PPT & Summary (2020)
ADA Website Compliance: What Employers Need to Know – PPT & Summary (2019)
A Discussion of Recent ADA and FMLA Cases and Their Practical Implications – PPT & Summary (2019)
The Recent Wave of ADA Website Lawsuits: How to Best Protect Yourself – PPT & Summary (2019)
Your Hotel’s Website: Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with the ADA and Avoid Costly Lawsuits – PPT & Summary (2018)
Top 10 ADA Issues at Hotels, Restaurants, and Spas – PPT & Summary (2014)
ADA Title III Litigation: What are the Courts Saying? (2013)
Accommodating People with Disabilities (2012)
How to Defend a Title III ADA Accessibility Claim – PPT & Summary (2012)
This Time We Mean Next Spring! — The New ADA Accessibility Standards + Additional US Department of Justice Regulations Update for the Hospitality Industry – PPT & Summary (2011)
ADA – The Employment Aspects (2010)
ADA – Public Accommodations (2010)
Recent Developments Under the ADA – Title 1 (2009)
ADA Update – Title 3 (2009)
Drive By Suits Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (2004)
Proposition 65 Claims and ADA Drive By Claims (2004)


Should We or Shouldn’t We? What Employers Need to Know about Arbitration – PPT & Summary (2019)
Hotel- Related Arbitration And Other Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (As Alternatives to Litigation) (2018)
Dispute Resolution Provisions in Management Agreements: A non-lawyer’s perspective (2018)
Dispute Resolution (2012)
Typical Claims that Might Arise from a Management Contract, Possible Resolutions, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (2012)
Arbitration – An Alternative Approach to Resolving Disputes Arising in the Workplace (2005)
Arbitration – An Alternative Approach to Resolving Disputes (2004)


Top Topics: Rate Parity, Patent Controlling, Wage an Hour Class Actions – PPT , Rate Parity Summary, Patent Reform Summary & Wage and Hour Summary (2014)
Avoiding Antitrust and FCPA Traps (2013)
Complying With the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (2012)
Antitrust Update (2009) (2010)


Airport Leases for Food & Beverage Operation – PPT & Summary (2014)
Aviation Safety Security (2013)
Primer on Representing Cruise Ships & Airlines – PPT & Summary (2010)



Canabis and Hemp: Up in Smoke? How the Hospitality Industry Can Avoid Traps for the Unwary – PPT & Summary (2020)
The Hazy Science of CBD – PPT & Summary (2020)
CBD – New Gold Rush or Regulatory Minefield? – PPT & Summary (2019)
Thank You for Not Smoking – Legal Consideration for the On-Premise Consumption of Marijuana in the Hotel Industry – PPT & Summary (2017)
How Marijuana Laws Will Impact the Hospitality Industry – PPT & Summary (2015)


A “BIT” About Protecting Foreign Investments (2017)
Mobility Across Jurisdictions: The Corporate Duty of Care Quagmire – PPT & Summary (2011)


Controlling the Crisis: The Impact of Planning – PPT & Summary (2019)
Active Shooter Training (2017)
Active Shooter Educational Sheet (2016)
Active Shooter Informational Pamphlet (2016)
Crisis Management – Are You Prepared? (2016)
Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence: OSHA Publication (2016)
Hotel Attack Analytics – Helping Hotels Mitigate Terrorism Risks (2016)
Workplace Violence: Preparing, Recognizing, Training and Responding to an Active Shooter – PPT & Summary (2016)
Active Shooters: A Holistic Approach (2015)
Crisis Management – Minimizing the Impact – PPT & Summary (2014)
Key Considerations in a Crisis (2014)
Crisis Management (2005)



Travel Duty of Care Considerations – PPT & Summary (2019)
Travel Risk Mitigation – PPT & Summary (2019)
Legal Perspective on the Health, Safety & Security Responsibilities for US Mobile Workforce (2017)
Defining our Global Duty of Care to Mobile Employees (2015, 2014, 2013 , 2012)
Flight Delayed but not Afraid: Survival Techniques for the Traveler Whose Flight is Delayed, Diverted or Discontinued (2015)
Hostage Taking Overseas: Don’t Become a Victim (2015)
The Hidden Dangers of Travel & Infectious Disease – PPT & Summary (2015)
Creating an Effective Travel Policy that Includes Risk Management (2014, 2013)
Training, Monitoring & Communication: Best Practices for Travel Risk Management (2014)
Best Practices for Evacuation (2013)
Duty to Protect Staff in Overseas Danger Zones Like Egypt (2013)
Integration of the Entire Corporate Enterprise into Travel Risk Management (2013)
Tracking (2013)
Best Practices for Effective Communication Between The Legal Department and Risk Management for Successful Claims and Litigation Management (2012)
Defining the Scope of Duty of Care Owed by Travel Management Companies and Other Travel Agents to Clients – PPT & Summary (2012)
Leveraging Mobile Technology for Traveler Safety and Security, Including Tracking and Alerts: What About Privacy Issues When Tracking Your Employees (2012)
Meeting Your Duty of Care in the Transportation Mode: Providing Safe and Secure Transportation for Your Mobile Work Force – PPT & Summary (2012)
Meeting Your Duty of Care in the Lodging Mode: Providing Safe and Secure Lodging for Your Mobile Work Force (2012)
Best Evacuation Practices in Volatile Circumstances: Learning from Egypt, Libya and Japan (2011)
Duty of Care: Vigilance in Times of Crises (2011)
Meeting Your Duty of Care: Conducting Security Assessments of Hotels and Airlines (2011)
Duty of Care of Employers for Protecting International Assignees, their Dependents, and International Business Travelers (2009)



Restaurant Theft & the Influence of Peers – PPT & Summary (2020)
Company Hotline and Incident Management Benchmarking: How Does Your Program Compare? – PPT & Summary (2019)
Developing a Comprehensive Employee Ethics and Compliance Reporting Program – PPT (2018), – PPT & Summary (2019)
The 360 Degree Legal View of a Hospitality Catastrophe (2015)
Ethical Considerations for Lawyers Advising Clients in the International Arena (2014)
E-Discovery & Legal Holds – PPT & Summary (2014)
The Duty to Preserve in Today’s Digital Age: Minimizing Exposure to Discovery Sanctions by Meeting Your Ethical Obligations (2014)
Keeping Options Open: Internal Investigations and Anti-Corruption Laws (2012)
Retaining Separate Counsel for a Hospitality Employee and Potential Criminal Charges (2012)
General Counsel Panel: Selecting and Working with Outside Counsel (2011)
You Can’t Take It Back: Is Your Company Prepared For Employees Using Social Media? – PPT & Summary (2011)
An Ethics Sampler – Five Topic Mistakes to Avoid – PPT & Summary (2010)
Ethics Challenges for Advising Hospitality Clients in Anti-trust Matters (2009)
Anti-Trust Traps in the Hospitality Industry & the Applicable Ethical Questions – PPT & Summary (2008)
Ethically Protecting the Attorney-Client Privilege (2007)
General Counsel’s View on the Selection of & the Relationship with Outside Counsel (2007)
New Standards of Professional Conduct for Attorneys (2004)



The Mother of Invention: How F&B companies Successfully Altered their Business Models to Deal with COVID-19 and Beyond – PPT & Summary (2020)
Best Practices in Trade Practices – PPT & Summary (2019)
Forces Attacking Restaurant & Bar Profits (and How the Industry Can Fight Back) – PPT & Summary (2019)
How to Avoid a Food-borne Fiasco! – PPT & Summary (2019)
Tantalizing Trends in Trade Practices – PPT (2018)
Estimating Blood Alcohol Concentrations at Given Time Points (2017)
Food & Beverage Management Agreements (2017)
Restaurant Delivery Services Here to Stay, or DOA? (2017)
Thank You for Not Smoking – Legal Consideration for the On-Premise Consumption of Marijuana in the Hotel Industry – PPT & Summary (2017)
Third-Party Delivery: Godsend or DOA? (2017)
The Truth In Menus: The Current State of Labeling Requirements for Restaurant Menus – PPT & Summary (2017)
The HLC Food & Beverage Forums (2017)
When Patrons Attack: Employment Law Risk and the Disruptive Customer (2017)
Restaurant Reality 2016: Trends, Finance & Expansion (2016)
Fact or Fiction: Dealing with Guest Claims (Both Real and Imagined) – PPT & Summary (2016)
Alcohol Promotions (2015)
Avoiding and Surviving Food-Related Claims (2015)
Child Allergen Poster (English & Spanish) (2015)
FDA Guidelines (2015)
Financial Side of the Restaurant Industry (2015)
Food Allergy Facts and Statistics for the U.S. (2015)
How to Gobble Up Chains of Licensed Retailers (2015)
Mardi Gras Meets the Rodeo: The Hazards of Branding Menu Items (2015)
Airport Leases for Food & Beverage Operation – PPT & Summary (2014)
Bad Bug Book: Handbook of Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins (2014)
EMV and Restaurants: What You Need to Know (2014)
Food Allergies and the Food Service – PPT & Summary (2014)
Food and Beverage Litigation Update (2010 – PPT & Summary, 2014 – PPT & Summary)
Hot Topics in the Food and Beverage Law (2013, 2014)
Late Breaking Beverage Alcohol Regulatory News (2014)
The Future of Hotel Food and Beverage Operations (2014)
Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan Template (2013)
Food Allergy Chef Card Template (2013)
Food & Beverage Litigation Survey (2009, 2010, 2011 – PPT & Summary, 2012, 2013)
Hospitality Hazards: Liquor Licenses and Supplier Sponsored Events (2013)
Negotiating Leases, Catering and Banquet Agreements and Other Foodservice Contracts (2013)
Top Five Reasons Restaurants Get Sued By Employees (2013)
Trends in Allergic Conditions Among Children (2013)
Strategies for Preventing and Defending Food, allergy and Alcohol Claims (2012)
The Best Offense is a Good Defense: Strategies for Preventing and Defending Food, Allergy and Alcohol Claims (2012)
The Last Drink (2012)
Understanding the 3 Tiers of the Alcohol Industry: The Promotional Perspective (2012)
No Two Twinkies Are Alike — Understanding the Reasonable Basis Requirement of Federal Menu Labeling – PPT & Summary (2011)
Federal Tip Credit Under Fire – PPT & Summary (2010)
The Modern Menu: Warnings, Disclaimers, and Nutrition Labeling – PPT & Summary (2010)
Foodborne Illnesses and Allergens – PPT & Summary (2009)
Legal Aspects of Alcohol Beverage Marketing – PPT & Summary (2009)
The Need for Beverage Alcohol Reform (2009)
Defending the Food Liability Claim (2007, 2008)
Food Allergens in Food Service Venues (2007)
REAL Conference: Food & Beverage Liability (2007)
Special Human Resources Issues for Food & Beverage Operations (2007)
Tackling Tough Human Resource Issues – Addressing Accommodation Requests in the 21st Century Workplace (2007)
Food Allergen Awareness Poster (2006)
Symposium on the Definition and Management of Anaphylaxis: Summary Report (2006)
Beer, Bad Oysters and Other Pitfalls. A Food & Beverage Liability (2004)
Liability Arising Out of the Sale of Food and Non Alcohol (2003)


Mardi Gras Meets the Rodeo: Franchise Relationship Governance (2015)
Due Diligence in an Open Market (2014)
Latest Trends in the Franchise Arena (2014)
Survey of Franchise Litigation and Latest Trends (2014)
Franchising: The Evolving Relationship Between Franchisors and Franchisees (2013)
Franchising and Vicarious Liability (2012)
Franchise Relationship and Franchisor’s Liability for Acts of Franchisee – An Update (2011)
Recent Developments in Franchising and Hospitality Law (2011)
The Franchise Debate – Does One Size Fit All? – PPT & Summary (2011)
Vicarious and Other Franchisor Liability (2011)
The Franchise Debate – Franchising in the Hospitality Industry in a Difficult Economy (2010)
Hot Topics in Franchising and Hospitality (2009)
Making Your Mark on the World (2009)
Franchise Litigation Update (2007)
Franchisor-Franchise Relations (2005)
The Franchisor/Franchisee Relationship (2005)
Common Issues in Hospitality Franchising (2004)
In Defense of the Franchisor (2004)
Current Legal Issues Arising From Hospitality Franchise Agreements (2003)


Thank You for Not Smoking – Legal Consideration for the On-Premise Consumption of Marijuana in the Hotel Industry – PPT & Summary (2017)
Smooth Criminal: Smoothly progressing through a criminal investigation of your hospitality business while avoiding civil exposure (2015)
Hotel and Restaurant Relationships – PPT & Summary (2014)
Best Practices for Attorney’s, Internal Auditors, and Forensic Specialists (2013)
Top 5 Reasons Restaurants Get Sued by Employees (2013)
Corporate Counsel Tools In a Flash (2012)
What Lawyers and Operators need to know about Hotel Operations – PPT & Summary (2010)
What Lawyers and Operators Need to Know About Hotel Operations, Improving the Bottom Line: Tax Assessment Appeals For Hotels (2010)
Duties of Care for the Hotel and Restaurant Operator (2009)
Fundamentals of Franchise Contracts and Management Agreements (2009)



Tribal Nations (2006)



Private Eye: How Hotels Can Defend Against Breach of Privacy Claims – PPT & Summary (2019)
The Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) – It’s Importance to Management, Ownership and in Disputes – PPT & Summary (2019)
Guest Record Privacy, The California Conundrum (2015)
Hospitality Forums (2015)
How Marijuana Laws Will Impact the Hospitality Industry – PPT & Summary (2015)
Keeping the “Aah” in Spa (2015)
Mardi Gras Meets the Rodeo: Tax Issues for the Hospitality Industry (2015)
People are Normal Until They Check into a Hotel (2015 -PPT & Summary)
5 Things to Know in 2014 (2014)
Anatomy of a Large Property Business Interruption Claim (2014)
Due Diligence in an Open Market (2014)
Special Topics (2014)
Trade Dress Protection for the Hospitality Industry (2014)
Allowing High Risk Activities in Hospitality Operations and Suggestions for Limiting Liability (2013)
Audit and Risk Assessment Process in the Lodging Industry (2013)
Hotel Business Interruption – Beyond the Basics (2013)
Hotel Industry Review (2013)
Business Interruption Common Challenges & Solutions (2012)
Super Bowl XLV Hoteliers – Beware of Sporting Woman (2011)



Securing and Maximizing Insurance Coverage for “Wage and Hour” and Other Employment-Related Claims – PPT (2018)
Additional Ignored? Understanding the Rights and Potential Pitfalls That Come With Being Designated an Additional Insured on an Insurance Policy (2017)
Discussion of Most Frequent Claims and How To Prevent Them (2017)
Five Important Lessons Hospitality Companies Learned from Hurricane Matthew (2017)
Guest and Employee Insurance Claims and Solutions – Discussion of Most Frequent Claims and How to Prevent Them (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Luxury Surfaces Can Make for a Slippery Business – PPT & Summary (2017)
Nailing Down Responsive Cyber coverage that Responds to Hospitality Industry Risks – PPT & Summary (2016)
The State of the Insurance Market for Hospitality Entities (2016)
Effective GL Incident Response and Investigation – PPT & Summary (2015)
Insurance and Regulatory Considerations for Globally Mobile Individuals (Expatriates and Business Travelers (2014, 2015 – PPT & Summary)
2014 Hospitality Law Conference- Preparation/Planning Think Sheet (2014)
A Hospitality Insurance Update (2014)
A How-To Guide for the Hospitality Industry (2014)
Anatomy of a Large Property Business Interruption Claim (2014)
Hotel Group Pays $365,000 to Settle a Harassment Lawsuit – Are You Covered? – PPT & Summary (2014)
Insurance and Assistance for All Aspects of Business Travel (2011, 2013, 2014)
Lessons From Losses -PPT & Summary (2014)
Risk Management: Building a Defensible Claim with the Help of Your Employees (2014)
What is the Right Price for the Wrong Coverage? (2014)
Crime Pays: A Conversation of Fraud and Recovery (2013)
Hot Topics and Claims in Insurance Coverage – PPT & Summary (2013)
Insurance and Confidentiality Issues in the Hospitality Industry (2013)
The Art of the Property Claim Negotiation (2013)
Convention Risk Management and Insurance 101 (2012)
Hospitality Industry Insurance Litigation Update (2011 – PPT & Summary, 2012)
The Insurance Claim Recovery Process: Suggestions and Practical Pointers (2012)
Insurance for Business Interruption Losses Due To Damage Away from the Insured Premises – Lessons from 9/11 and Katrina, and Coverage for the Icelandic Volcanic Eruptions and the Gulf Oil Spill – PPT & Summary (2011)
Insurance Litigation Survey (2010 – PPT & Summary, 2011 – PPT & Summary)
Gulf Oil Spill Insurance Coverage Issues for the Hotel and Gaming Industries (2010)
Insurance Coverage for Gulf Oil Spill Losses (2010)
Understanding Your Property Insurance: ACV and Replacement Cost Coverage (2010)
When Far Away Problems Hurt Your Business, Look to Insurance (2010)
Hospitality Insurance 101 (2009)
Insurance for the Construction Period – PPT & Summary (2009)
What Hospitality Attorneys Need to Know About Insurance (2009)
Business Income Coverage in the Post 9/11 World (2007)
Insurance Solutions (2007)
Liability Insurance Update (2005)
The Insurance Process (2004)


Immigration Visa Issues (2013)
I-9 Compliance, Audits, and E-Verify (2012)
Immigration Solutions for International Business Travelers – PPT & Summary (2012)
Hospitality Immigration Compliance: Making Sure You Aren’t Stick Between a Rock and a Hard Place – PPT & Summary (2011)
Business Immigration (2009)
Immigration Update: Hiring in a Pro-Enforcement Environment – PPT & Summary (2009)
Immigration Reform Rocks Your World (2007)
Immigration Update (2004)
Current Immigration Issues Impacting the Hospitality Industry (2003)


Legal Issues You May Not Know About in Canada  – PPT & Summary (2020)
Top Canadian Legal Issues for Brands & Hospitality Companies – PPT & Summary (2019)
A “BIT” About Protecting Foreign Investments (2017)
Legal Representation Overseas and the Role of the US Embassy (2015)
Maintaining Liaison and Good Relations with Foreign Law Enforcement Authorities for Your Company Overseas and with the US Embassy (2015)
Megacities: Challenges & Opportunities – PPT & Summary (2015)
Understanding and Adhering to Cultural Norms in a Country Vastly Different than those in the West (2015)
Non-U.S. Hotel & Restaurant Legal Considerations (2014)
Operating in a Global Environment (2014)
Representing US Companies Abroad in Accordance with the FCPA & UK Bribery Act (2011)
Approaches and Considerations for Launching Hotels in the Middle East – PPT & Summary (2009)
Contracts Issues, Liability Issues and Dispute Resolution in Australia and New Zealand affecting Hospitality Law – PPT & Summary (2009)
Doing Business in Costa Rica (2009)
Doing Hotel Deals Around the Globe: A Primer for U.S. Attorneys – PPT & Summary (2009)
Doing Business in Mexico (2009)
International Hotel Development Deals: Common Considerations that Apply in All International Transactions (2009)
The Hospitality Industry in Latin America – PPT & Summary (2009)
Doing Business in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Beyond (2007)
International Condominium Conversions (2007)
International Human Resources (2007)
International Perspective: Are you making your employment contracts work for you? (2006)
International Perspective: International Developments in Class Action Procedures (2006)
International Perspective: International Hotel Expansion (2006)
International Perspective: Legal Aspects from the European Perspective (2006)
Personal Responsibility – An Australian Perspective (2006)



A Grand Re-Opening – Bringing Your Restaurant’s Team Back to Work Safely – PPT  & Summary (2020)
Bringing the Workforce Back to Work – PPT & Summary (2020)
Common COVID-19 Misunderstandings That Could Place Your Company at Risk – PPT & Summary (2020)
Avoiding Workplace Harassment in the #MeToo Era – PPT & Summary (2019)
How to Deal with a Politically Correct World – PPT & Summary (2019)
Managing Internal Investigations – PPT & Summary (2019)
Understanding and Complying with Transgender/Gender Identity Issues for the Hospitality Workplace – PPT & Summary (2019)
Emerging Employment Law Trends – PPT (2018)
#MeToo in the Hospitality Industry – PPT & Summary (2018)
Preventing and Responding to Harassment in the Hospitality Industry – PPT (2018)
Scheduling: Predictive or Restrictive? Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off – PPT (2018)
Stop Talking and Get Back to Work! Legal Limitations in Restricting Employee Speech – PPT & Summary (2018)
Why Did They Leave? – PPT & Summary (2018)
An Update on Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Case Law and Agency Matters and Practical Implications for Hospitality Employers (2017)
Employment Guidelines: Employees Exposed to an Infectious or Contagious Disease (2017)
Gender Identity Issues in the Workplace: Best Practices (2017)
How Hospitality Will Be Affected by the Trump Administration’s Labor & Employment Agenda (2017)
Human Resources Forums (2017)
Spotting & Handling Workplace Violence (2017)
Successor Liability: Even if you didn’t own it then, you still might be liable (2017)
Undercover boss: How you can be a joint employer and not even know it (2017)
When Patrons Attack – Employment Law Risk and the Disruptive Customer (2017)
Workplace Impact of Reefer Madness (2017)
DOL Sets Its Sights on Hospitality Industry – OT Exemptions and Independent Contractors – PPT & Summary (2016)
Employees are a Soft Spot in Data Security (2016)
Employer Reporting Obligations Under Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (2016)
Importance of Company Policies – PPT & Summary (2016)
Lessons Learned in Human Resources from Pop Culture’s 2015 Memorable Moments – PPT & Summary (2016)
NLRB’s Joint Employer Decision Could Uproot Hotel & Restaurant Franchise Model – PPT & Summary (2016)
Responding to an Employee’s Social Media Comments About The Workplace: Avoiding Pitfalls and Implementing Best Practices at Your Business – PPT & Summary (2016)
Sex, Gender, Same-sex Marriage & Transgender Employees: What it all Means (2016)
Sound and Savvy Operational Solutions to Offsetting the Increased Minimum Hotel Wage – PPT & Summary (2016)
The US DOL’s New Regulations on Overtime (2016)
Make Sure Your Employment Practices Liability Insurance Covers the Right Risks – PPT & Summary (2015)
Mardi Gras Meets the Rodeo: FLSA Misclassification (2015)
Millennials Entering into the Workforce & How to Protect Your New Employees (2015)
Minimum Wage Legislation & Protecting Trade Secrets (2015)
Affordable Care Act: Key Issues for Employers in 2014 and Beyond (2014)
Employment Practices Liability Insurance (2014)
Guest and Employee Insurance Claims and Solutions (2014)
I-9 Verification Process and Compliance – PPT & Summary (2014)
Is Your Criminal Background Check Policy Consistent with the EEOC’s Updated Guidance? (2014)
The Latest Hospitality Guest and Employee Claim Trends and Solutions for Dealing with Them – PPT & Summary (2014)
Pop Culture and Employment Law (2014)
Recent Developments in Wage and Hour Class Action and FLSA Collective Litigation Summary (2014)
Tattoos, Haircuts and Head Coverings: How Far Can You Go? (2014)
Top 10 Employment Law Risks in the Hospitality Industry – PPT & Summary (2014)
Vexing Issues in FLSA Claims (2014)
Criminal Background Check Laws by State – Exhibit 1 & Exhibit 2 (2013)
Healthcare Reform and What it Means to Employers (2013)
Individual Employment Dismissal Obligations Outside the US (2013)
Poised for Recovery: Hospitality Visas in a New Economy (2013)
Practices, Developments, Pitfalls and Safeguards (2013)
Preparing For & Responding to the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan (2013)
Are You Sure You Are Paying Your Employees Correctly Under the FLSA? (2012)
Challenging Card Network Enforcement Mechanisms (2012)
Emerging Issues at the Corporate Level: Danger Spots Beyond Daily Operations (2012)
Expanding the Hospitality Practice: Rainmaking Exercises Set Within Globalized Healthcare, Medical Tourism, and the Affordable Care Act – PPT & Summary (2012)
Keep Options Open: Internal Investigations and Anti-Corruption Laws (2012)
Navigating Employment Law Issues for High Profile Restaurants, Hotels and Lounges (2012)
Sex, Drugs, Art and Rock n’ Roll (2012)
Social Media in the Workplace (2012)
Conducting Bullet Proof Workplace Investigations (2011)
Free Agents: Benefits & Perils of Seasonal & Contingent Labor – PPT & Summary (2011)
Hospitality Immigration Compliance: Making Sure You Aren’t Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place – PPT & Summary (2011)
Taking the Road Less Traveled: Recent Court Decisions, Wage and Hour and Arbitration (2011)
What You Need to Know About Health Care Reform Compliance – PPT & Summary (2011)
Workplace Investigations – PPT & Summary (2011)
Avoiding the New Enforcement Driven OSHA While Achieving Operational Excellence Through Safety – PPT & Summary (2010)
FLSA – Exemptions & Recordkeeping – PPT & Summary (2010)
HIPAA – The Privacy and Security Provisions (2010)
Some Things Never Change: Sex Harassment Update – PPT & Summary (2010)
Wage and Hour Class Action Update (2010)
Comparison of the Confidentiality Requirements of HIPPA, ADA, and FMLA (2009)
Employment Discrimination (2009)
FMLA – Summary (2009)
FMLA Update: Guide for Compliance (2009)
Sexual Harassment (2009)
The Family and Medical Leave Act Regulatory Revisions (2009)
COBRA (2008)
Uncovering the Mysteries of the Tip Wage (2008)
Essentials of Employment-Related Recordkeeping: Saving Those Records May Save Your Life (2007)
FLSA – Wage & Hour Provisions (2007)
NLRA – Unfair Labor Practices (2007)
OSHA (2007)
REAL Conference: E-Discovery – The Federal Rules, The Legal Hold, and Strategic Considerations (2007)
Employment Issues Specifically Impacting Restaurant Operations (2006)
Exempt Employees – Complying with the new FLSA rules (2005)
Hospitality Employment Law Survey of Current Issues (2005)
Employee Background Checks and Screening (2004)
Challenges of the Hiring Process (2003)


No One Likes Surprises – Corporate Counsel Lessons Learned by Clients – PPT & Summary (2019)


Interview With(out) a Vampire – Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Representation – PPT & Summary (2019)


Taste, Toast, Zoom: Virtual Tastings and Mixology Classes – PPT & Summary (2020)
Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew About My Liquor Licensed Premises – PPT & Summary (2020)
State and Federal Alcohol Compliance Update: TTB Enforcement and Related Matters – PPT & Summary (2019)
Liquor Licensing for Hotel and Restaurant Acquisitions – PPT & Summary (2018)
Dram Shop Review – PPT & Summary (2017)
Before the First Round: Defending the Dram Shop Claim from Incident to Trial (2014)
Alcohol Provisions Relating to Sponsorship (2010 – PPT & Summary)
Understanding the Three Tiers of the Alcohol Industry: The Promotional Perspective (2012)
Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively in Venues and Events (2011)
From Mars and Venus?: Communicating with Investors Regarding Liquor Licensing Issues (2011)
Serving Alcohol Responsibly During the Transportation Mode: A Survey of Global Standards (2011)
Bridging the Gap – Selling Alcohol at a Hotel You’ve Taken Over on Short Notice – PPT & Summary (2010)
Legal Aspects of Alcohol Beverage Marketing – PPT & Summary (2009)
Resting Easy When Minors are Afoot – Minors & Alcohol (2007)


A Grand Re-Opening: Litigation Risks for Hospitality Employers Due to COVID-19 – PPT & Summary (2020)
“But For” Trending Causation Theories in COVID-19 Litigation – PPT & Summary (2020)
Lizard Proofing Your Witnesses – Prepping for Reptile Attacks – PPT & Summary (2020)
Hospitality Case Review: The Top 100+ that Impacted Us this Past Year – PPT  (2019 – PPT & Summary, 2017 ,2016 – PPT & Summary, 2015 – PPT & Summary, 2014 – PPT & Summary, 2013, 2013, 2012, 2011 – PPT & Summary, 2010, 2009 – PPT & Summary)
Reptile Theory – Using the Primitive Brain to Increase Plaintiff’s Verdicts – PPT & Summary (2019)
The Reptile Theory: How Bad Could it Be? – PPT & Summary (2019)
Winning Your Hospitality Litigation by Using Scanning Electron Microscopes – PPT & Summary (2019)
Effectively Using Social Media at Trial and Defending Cases in High Crime Areas – PPT & Summary (2018)
If Crime Doesn’t Pay, Should It Be a Cost of Doing Business? Understanding the Potential Risks Caused by Third Party Criminal Acts – PPT & Summary (2018)
Representing the Brand in Litigation Involving Franchised Operations – PPT (2018)
Bedbugs: They’re Still Here (and Causing Trouble) – Current Trends in Litigation and Risk Management (2016)
Recent Developments in Spoliation/Preservation and Sanction Cases: Old Topic that Keeps Coming Up (2016)
Reptile Theory: What You Need to Know in 2016 – PPT & Summary (2016)
Trending Issues in Hospitality Regulation (2016)
Mitigating Damages in Hospitality Litigation Through Technical Uses of Structured Settlements (2015)
Medical Emergencies at Your Hotel, Restaurant or Business: An Analysis of Duty, Risk and Liability (2013, 2012)
Risk Management Techniques and Defense Strategies for Litigating in Plaintiff Friendly Jurisdictions (2012)
Liability Trends in the Hospitality Industry (2009)
Hospitality Liability Case Survey (2007)
Hospitality Liability Case Update (2007)



Current Issues and Challenges in Hotel Management Agreements – PPT & Summary (2020)
Hot Issues in Hotel Management Agreements – PPT (2019)
Challenges in Hotel and Restaurant Management Agreements + Solutions – PPT (2018)
Snapshot: Food & Beverage Management Agreements (2017)
Distribution and the World of Parity (2016)
Hotel Management Agreements: Key Terms and Points for Negotiation (2016)
Breaking Up is Hard to do: Unwinding the Owner-Management Relationship (2015)
Hotel Sales and Interim Management Agreements: Key Considerations, Including Alcohol Beverage Licensing – PPT & Summary (2015)
Negotiating the Distribution Agreement (2015)
A Brief View of Sticky Issues in Hospitality Transactions (2014)
Analyzing the Deal (2014)
Branded vs. Unbranded (2014)
Deciphering Government Regulations (ACA, ADA, WARN ACT) and Their Impact on Management Agreements (2014)
Fundamentals of Management Agreements (2014)
Mechanics of Unwinding the Owner-Management Relationship – PPT & Summary (2014)
The Pendulum Swings… Survey of Management Agreement Litigation – PPT & Summary (2014)
Hotel Management Agreements: Key Business Terms at the LOI Stage (2013)
Key Business Terms / Concepts in Major Hotel Agreements (2013)
Managing Risk of New Brand Layouts (2013)
Negotiating the Incentive Fee and Performance Test (2013)
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Loans and Key Money Arrangements; Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreements (2012)
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Third-Party Arrangements (F&B, Spas, Retail, Retail, Etc) (2011, 2012)
Understanding and Negotiating Distribution Agreements (2011)
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Avoiding Controversy and Disputes in Hotel Management Agreements (2007)


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Use of Surcharges and Best Tips to Avoid False Advertising and Other Consumer Claims – PPT & Summary (2018)
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Group Sales and Event Contracting During (and After) COVID-19 – PPT & Summary (2020)
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Special Considerations for Securing Critical Mass Events and Attractions (2011, 2012)
Securing Critical Mass Events (2011)
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Security for International Meeting Planners (2009)


M&A – Lodging Industry Consolidation Trends – PPT & Summary (2019)



Buy vs. Build – Making Complex Decisions (2016)
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Capitalizing Your Project – Maximizing Value (2016)
Optimizing the Exit – Capturing Total Value on the Reversion Sale (2016)
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Understanding Hotel Investment and Valuation Methodologies and Pro Formas/Analysis (2011 – PPT & Summary, 2013)
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Bankers, Servicers, Franchisors and Receivers Answer All Your Questions (2012)
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“Look Before You Leap!” Owner and Lender Considerations before pursuing Workouts, Restructurings, Receiverships or Bankruptcy Filings – PPT & Summary (2009)
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Dockominiums (2007)
Time Share & Fractional Issues (2007)
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COVID-19 Exposure Control Plans: The Key to OSHA Compliance During the Pandemic – PPT & Summary (2020)
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Repeat Offenders: The Most Commonly Cited OSHA Standards in the Hospitality Industry & How to Avoid Them – PPT & Summary (2019)
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What a Steal! Handling Theft Claims in Hotels and Restaurants – PPT & Summary (2019)
Hotel Attack Statistics, Reasonable Foreseeability, and Totality of Circumstances – PPT & Summary (2018)
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13 Strategies for Improving Safety (2014)
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Hospitality Travel 2018: Reading Between the Headlines to Find the Trendlines – PPT & Summary (2018)
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