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Attorney of the Week
David C. Wilkes

David C. Wilkes is a property tax and valuation strategy partner in the firm’s corporate department. He is an internationally recognized authority in complex commercial property taxation disputes, valuation law, and related litigation. David adeptly guides clients through crucial decisions in real estate investment and management, placing a specific focus on understanding the local tax implications of transactions and construction, and negotiating with local government to achieve his clients’ objectives. With a global perspective, he has extensive experience representing major owners, developers, and tenants in the retail, hospitality, office, and industrial sectors worldwide. In his role as Senior Legal Advisor to governments in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, along with advisory work in West Africa, David designed a variety of initiatives aimed at reforming property rights, taxation and mortgage finance structures, decentralizing governments, and fostering economic stimulus within the real estate sector.

Law Firm of the Week


For more than 50 years, Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC (“CSG Law”), a full-service regional law firm with offices in New Jersey and New York, has assisted a broad spectrum of clients in achieving their objectives by offering a comprehensive array of legal services. Recognized as a Regional Powerhouse by Law360 and the Law Firm of the Year by the New Jersey Law Journal for the firm’s involvement in high-profile matters throughout the region, CSG Law attracts private enterprises, governmental entities, and individual clients seeking to benefit from practical, value-added counsel – the type of representation that leads to innovative and enduring results. Respected problem solvers, our more than 185 attorneys play a key role on clients’ advisory teams – providing strategic guidance to individuals and organizations ranging from Fortune 10 corporations to municipalities and family-run businesses. CSG Law is uniquely positioned to maximize results through collaboration among firm members, counsel, associates and staff, each dedicated to sharing years of wisdom, knowledge and judgment to benefit the firm’s collective capabilities and client base. We are proud of our workplace culture which values the contributions of the team above all else, and our employee feedback has earned us a ranking among the Best Places to Work in New Jersey since 2020.

Company of the Week
American Arbitration Association

The not-for-profit American Arbitration Association® (AAA®)-International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®) is the largest private global provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the world. With that comes enormous responsibility, which the AAA-ICDR® embraces. Its work lessens the load of a tremendously overburdened court system. Its efforts ease the financial hardships of those shattered by natural disasters. The foundation it established supports access to justice for all. The AAA-ICDR has a core dedication to service and particularly to education. It would be gratifying to focus on teaching people to stay out of disputes; however, since that is not a realistic objective in today’s world, the AAA-ICDR provides fair, rational, faster, and less adversarial means to handle the disputes that inevitably arise. Contrary to a common misperception, arbitration is confidential—not secretive. Parties are free to talk about their cases; it is the AAA-ICDR and the arbitrators who are bound to keeping parties’ confidences, similar to a judge and jury.

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Our blog features exclusive content from our contributors, who collectively represent the full spectrum of hospitality law, risk management, and comprehensive duty of care solutions.

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