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September 21, 2018 | San Francisco

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Sally A. Morris

If you have been wronged at work I can help you get the compensation you deserve. As a seasoned, knowledgeable employment attorney and litigation lawyer, I have the experience with Maine labor laws and federal labor laws to advise you through tough times. I’ve built my reputation as a civil rights attorney, labor attorney and ADA lawyer over 25 years of practical hands-on, hard-fought experience at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. You can trust me to tell you if you have a case and you can be sure I will work my hardest to protect your rights.
If you have been discriminated against, need whistleblower protection, or were unfairly fired because of a pregnancy, it’s time to talk to me. Everything you tell me remains confidential and my honest, experienced assessment of your case won’t cost you a thing.
I listen to you, I make sure that the law hears you, and when I work with people whose employment rights have been violated, I charge no fees unless you get compensated.


Buchalter is a full-service business law firm that has been teaming with clients for eight decades, providing legal counsel at all stages of their growth and evolution, and helping them meet the many legal challenges and decisions they face. Our clients are engaged in a diverse global economy governed by complex laws and regulations, and they trust us as advisers and business partners because we are involved in their world. They rely on our forward-thinking to help them resolve problems before they arise.
At Buchalter, we practice in that spirit.
Our founding principle—providing our clients with the best business solutions—continues to lead us. We value each client relationship, recognizing that their success is our success. Our overarching goal—getting the best results for the client in a timely manner with sensitivity to cost—has engendered client loyalty, and the firm has grown from that loyalty.


We believe that we’re only as good as the good we do.
All the facts and figures that talk to our size and diversity and years of history, as notable and important as they may be, are secondary to the truest measure of Deloitte: The impact we make in the world.
So, when people ask, “What’s different about Deloitte?” the answer resides in the many specific examples of where we have helped Deloitte member firm clients, our people, and sections of society to achieve remarkable goals, solve complex problems, or make meaningful progress. Deeper still, it’s in the beliefs, behaviors, and fundamental sense of purpose that underpin all that we do.


Avoiding Workplace Violence: Tips And Best Practices For Hospitality Employers

It is imperative that employers recognize and understand the need to take constant and active steps to address both internal and external potential threats of workplace violence.

Tips For Last-Minute Travel

Travelers – particularly those on urgent business – may not have the recommended four to six weeks prior to departure to consult with a travel medicine provider for the best preventative measures.

Business Use of E-Scooters Presents New Challenges for Employers

As a result of the risks, some employers have already taken steps to protect employees from injuries related to the use of e-scooters, e-bikes and bike-share systems.

Would You Like Fries And A Political Opinion With That? Regulating Employee Buttons, Pins, And Insignia In The Workplace

The issue of whether an employer can regulate politically charged apparel and insignia has been festering for years, in and out of the fast-food arena, and a sampling of several recent cases reveals that…

Murchison Law
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