Choice Hotels - Forms, Checklists & Procedures

The Choice Resource Library is an essential resource for hotel owners and operators. This archive contains a comprehensive collection of Hospitality Law Conference and Global Travel Risk Summit Series white papers and presentations written by industry leaders, hotel and restaurant experts, and hotel and restaurant lawyers.




ADA Title III Access Worksheet
Alcohol Policy
Allergy Warning for Menu
Authorization to Disclose COVID-19 Status
Bicycle Release Form
Comprehensive Smoke and Vapor Prohibition
COVID-19 Aggressive Behavior
COVID-19 Return to Work
COVID-19 Self-Declaration of Vaccine Status
Credit Card Fax Authorization
Declaration of Traveler
Document Retention
Doggie Bag Disclaimer
Drug Testing Consent
Electronic Systems Monitoring Consent Form
Employees Progressive Performance Review
Food Safety Reminders
Harassment Investigation Consent Form
Harassment Investigation Suggested Questions
Harassment Resolution of Complaint
Hazardous Activity Facility Disclaimer
House Rules for Sports Teams
Hotel Safety & Health Commitment Series
Hotel Security Assessment
Incident Report
In-Room Safe Disclaimer
Internet Email and Computer Usage Policy
Interview Questions that May Be Asked
Interview Questions that Should NOT Be Asked
Lost and Found Ticket
Maintaining Transient Guest Status
Massage Protocol
Meeting Planning Contract
Menu Caution Statement
Notice of Heightened Security Procedures
Notifications for Company’s Intent to Monitor
Policy Regarding Use of Social Media by Employees
Progressive Performance Review with Letter
Protection of Confidential Information Clause for Hospitality Entities
Release and Hold Harmless for Pets
Release Form for References
Responding to a Government Agency Inquiry
Rules and Regulations for Workout Areas and Spas
Statement: Do Not Disturb (DND)/Entry of Guest Room Policy
Statement: Emotional Support Animals in Non-Pet Friendly Hotels
Statement: Prohibition of Drones
Statement: Prohibiting Videos/Photos
Statement: Solicitation Prohibited
Telephone Reference Check
Temperature Screening Requirement
Training Record
Valet Parking Disclaimer
Waiver and Release of Responsibility for Spa Services
Waiver of Liability for Health Club