Daily Archives: April 29, 2015

It’s Time to Investigate Cyber Insurance

Most IT leaders plan for cyber-attacks by constructing firewalls and installing security hardware and software. Even so, with the widespread proliferation of malware, companies are finding that their IT infrastructure has been attacked, customer data has been compromised, the IT system is being held for ransom, and assets are missing. Almost every day there are ...
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Travel, Hospitality, & Leisure Industry: 2015 Outlook

Backed by the current growth momentum, Travel, Hospitality, & Leisure (THL) companies are heading strong into 2015. Amid pent-up demand, it’s important that companies leverage technology to effectively respond to newer forms of competition and a globe-trotting wired customer. Guy Langford, Vice Chairman and U.S. Travel, Hospitality and Leisure leader, Deloitte LLP, shares his thoughts ...
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Preparing Today for Future Cyber Risks

While companies around the world are experiencing numerous benefits from online transactions and interactions, the accompanying risks remain less visible. Cyber threats continue to evolve and rapidly expand, in terms of sophistication, complexity and the scale of their consequences. Lone hackers have been replaced by well-funded and organized cyber-crime networks, state-backed groups, terrorist organizations, and ...
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