Monthly Archives: August 2014

Political Risk Insurance for Businesses Operating in Russia and Ukraine

Given recent events, there is an increased interest in political risk insurance in Russia and Ukraine. However, it also appears that insurers have stopped underwriting political risk insurance, at least for exposures in Ukraine for the time being, and many insurers are declining to quote on Russian exposures, or are subjecting new inquiries to greater, ...
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Security Planning for Business Aviation Travel – Part 2: Vetting and Arranging for Security

Security Planning for Business Aviation Travel Universal Weather and Aviation covers seven key factors private firms should consider when developing security options for private airports and aircraft. This includes vetting security personnel, parking considerations, and more. Click here to view the article Originally published on Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.
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The Move to Traveler Centricity

A new generation of Millennial employees (21 to 30 year olds) is poised to become a stronghold in the workforce—and they are bringing their intensive technology habits with them. A proliferation of consumer and business-focused mobile travel apps and websites designed to meet the needs of this new generation is taking its place alongside traditional ...
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