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Employment Law Toolkit for Cross-Border M&A Deals

Some years ago, a leading London corporate lawyer told The New York Times that in “merging two regular companies…you just do it and sort out the people issues  afterwards.” (A. Sorkin, “A Lawyer’s Lawyer: Bridging Borders,” March 26, 2000) If that was ever true, it no longer is. In any merger or acquisition between two employers, especially in ...
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Due Diligence – Always Accommodate Food Allergy Customers

While restaurant management may have good intentions to develop an allergy accommodation program, it may never be fully instituted or fully communicated to the staff. The Model Retail Food Code which was modified by the FDA in 2009, states that the “Person in Charge” of a food establishment must know and understand food allergens. They are also required to ...
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Grooming, Recruiting and Taking the Bait: The Road to Radicalization, Part II

Second of a Fictional Series (Click here for Part I) The TGV or Train a Grande Vitesse, the ultra-high speed star of France’s national railroad system, SCNF, had pulled into berth 17 at the Marseille-Saint Charles station, simmering down after its nearly four hour trek from Paris.  Out of an economy class car steps Mahibah, a 24-year ...
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