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Global Equal Employment Opportunity Toolkit

A one-size-fits-all American-style approach to EEO compliance does not work globally because American laws on discrimination, harassment and diversity are unique in the world. Internationally, though, discrimination and harassment laws vary widely and in many countries diversity is not an issue. These differences complicate the EEO initiatives that American multinationals would otherwise launch globally. This toolkit will address the broad scope of global discrimination programs. ...
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Cross-Border Telecommuting Checklist

Belgium’s Roger Blanpain, perhaps the world’s preeminent professor of international employment law, once said that “we live in an information society, driven by knowledge in action.…[Services] can be provided via the information highways from anywhere, even from the other side of the globe…We are in a New World. It immediately becomes clear why developments in the globalized, non-material market ...
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Overseas Business Travel Liability and the Duty of Care in Times of Ebola

As of late 2014, the United States faced no Ebola pandemic whatsoever. The odds of catching Ebola in an American workplace remained statistically zero. Only a handful of Ebola cases had made their way to the United States, and a few hospitals aside, every American workplace remained Ebola-free. Only two employees had caught Ebola on an American job site—both ...
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Employment Law Toolkit for Cross-Border M&A Deals

Some years ago, a leading London corporate lawyer told The New York Times that in “merging two regular companies…you just do it and sort out the people issues  afterwards.” (A. Sorkin, “A Lawyer’s Lawyer: Bridging Borders,” March 26, 2000) If that was ever true, it no longer is. In any merger or acquisition between two employers, especially in ...
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Wage/Hour Law Compliance for International Business Travelers and Guest Workers

Most every country imposes wage/hour laws that regulate minimum wages and overtime pay as well as (in most countries) holiday pay, vacation pay, rest breaks and total hours worked. Usually these wage/hour laws reach not only locally hired staff but also inbound expatriates whose places of employment have become the host country. But the analysis ...
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Global Employee Handbooks

Most every major American employer has issued an employee handbook explaining to its US staff how its US workplace works. It has been said that “[a] well written, lawful [US domestic] employee handbook has no downsides; it provides…all the flexibility necessary to address innumerable possibilities when it comes to employee actions and inactions.” (J.B. Sandburg, “Creating ...
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International Dismissal Toolkit: Individual Employment Terminations

International Dismissal Toolkit: Individual Employment Terminations Firing an employee in the United States can be a challenge. Group firings — reductions-in-force — can be an even bigger challenge. And from the point of view of a multinational headquartered in the United States, overseas individual dismissals and “collective redundancies” can be an intractable challenge. We often ...
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