Globally Auditing Human Resources Compliance

Globalization pushes multinationals to align more and more aspects of human resources across borders. Multinationals now routinely globalize many of their HR programs, policies, benefits and other “offerings” that, back in the old days, would have been purely local. But globalizing HR offerings causes ripple effects; a big ripple is that headquarters has to watch over what it has globalized. And so after HR initiatives go global, HR compliance initiatives need to go global as well.

Cross-border HR compliance initiatives have many facets. A multinational has obvious incentives to verify that its overseas HR operations comply both with foreign local laws and with the growing list of “extraterritorial” laws that reach workplaces internationally.

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Don Dowling

Don concentrates his practice on outbound international employment law as part of the firm’s Global Employer Solutions team. He advises multinational headquarters on cross-border employment law compliance, for example: +Global codes of conduct, whistleblowers hotlines, employee handbooks, HR policies and workplace safety codes +International restructurings, reductions-in-force and “change projects” +International compensation and benefits offerings +Global HR information systems and data privacy law compliance +Employment law matters in cross-border mergers, acquisitions and outsourcings +Globally-aligning individual employment agreements, restrictive covenants and employee intellectual property assignments +International internal investigations and cross-border HR compliance audits +Employing staff in new foreign countries and engaging overseas independent contractors +Cross-border collective representation, overseas works council consultations and cross-border employee representative strategies +Expatriate structuring, expatriate dismissals and expatriate duty of care

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