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Keeping Your Undocumented Employees Authorized for Employment

In today’s post, Gregg Rodgers, Chair of GSB’s Immigration Practice Group and member of our Hospitality, Travel & Tourism practice team, provides us with the latest updates regarding the federal processes that authorize employment for certain undocumented persons. In my previous blog post, I discussed how recent Presidential Executive Actions had made it possible for certain people who reside in ...
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South Africa’s Stringent New Immigration Regulations

by in Travel. Posted May 14, 2015
South Africa, a developed nation with a net migration rate of -6.27 migrants per 1,000 people, has enacted a series of stringent new immigration regulations that went into effect on May 26. These regulations address traveling with children, yellow fever laws, and passport validity; new laws specifically concerning children will not go into effect until October 1, 2014. Children ...
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4 Tips for Surviving an Active Shooter

You’re working at your job or out in public, doing what you normally do and not expecting anything particularly exciting to happen. Then you hear a series of loud, muffled pops, not too close, but not very far away. Then you hear screams, faint and distant but getting louder. Then you hear another pop, only ...
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A survey of US State Workers’ Compensation Laws and their Application to Traveling Employees

Co-authored by Brenda-Lee Ravdel and Stephen Barth How do the US 50 states’ workers’ compensation laws protect US businesses and their global and domestic travelers at home and abroad? INTRODUCTION: Business Travel by United States companies has grown exponentially over the past years.  As a result, both the foreseen and unforeseen liabilities for businesses and ...
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Mobile Employees and Situational Awareness

In his book Principles of Personal Defense, former U.S. Marine Jeff Cooper outlines a color-coded system that describes certain defensive states of mind. These states vary from being completely unaware of surroundings and unprepared for an attack to full-fledged “fight or flight” mode.  Many law enforcement officers in the U.S. use this system as a ...
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Gun Policy and the Hospitality Industry: Ways to Consider Your Own Firearm Policy

Firearms and gun control occupy a hotspot right in the middle of the modern psyche. Every facet of this issue—high-capacity magazines, concealed carry rights, background checks—inspires strong feelings and opinions from most people. Gun control currently enjoys a spotlight that had been absent since the Columbine High School shootings, and it really does affect everyone ...
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The Patent Troll Problem: U.S. Public Transit Agencies Targeted by Patent Assertion Firms

by in Legal. Posted May 14, 2015
July 3, 2013 Patent trolling, a fairly new method of coercing money from large companies, has put several U.S. transit agencies in an uncomfortable spot. So-called patent trolls, otherwise known as patent assertion agencies, are companies that don’t actually produce anything for income; instead, they purchase patents and then demand licensing fees from other companies ...
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