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The “Active Shooter” or Mass Shooter Subject Profile

Another day, another mass shooting in the US: We can blame it on a number of factors, from the proliferation of guns in the urban and suburban environments to socialization factors or on the effect of violent videos, movies and even game “apps” for smart phones. A number of explanations of the phenomenon have been ...
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A TED Talk’s Roadmap for Staying Calm When an Active Shooter’s at the Door

An armed gunman just entered your workplace. You’re under stress. What is the first thing you and your management team do? Does someone call the police? Do you run? Fight? Hide? Is there a security guard? What does he or she do? What do your employees do? Do you know the precise, step-by-step actions that ...
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Would You Drop to the Floor If Shooting Broke Out In Your Workplace?

With depressing regularity, we receive calls asking for guidance in evaluating and responding to potential workplace violence threats.  The threats are rarely serious but in this era, one can never ignore concerns.  There are no easy formulas to determine if a threat is genuine.  If you review the factors that may indicate that someone is ...
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Active Shooter Response Planning

With every news flash of a workplace active shooter incident, now almost monthly, it becomes increasingly evident that organizations/businesses/schools need an Active Shooter Response Plan. Furthermore, this is not a one size fits all challenge. Granted, the plan from one organization or institution to another may have some common reaction guidelines. Most of the active ...
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4 Tips for Surviving an Active Shooter

You’re working at your job or out in public, doing what you normally do and not expecting anything particularly exciting to happen. Then you hear a series of loud, muffled pops, not too close, but not very far away. Then you hear screams, faint and distant but getting louder. Then you hear another pop, only ...
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Active Shooting: It Can’t Happen Here

After almost every active shooting in the United States the residents of the victim city invariably say, “It can’t happen here”. But it does and in every state. From Hawaii and Alaska to Maine and Florida, active shooter deaths or workplace violence homicides have plagued communities. No state is immune. No community is unaffected by its brutality, insanity ...
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