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Organizations must do more to protect their personnel from the threats or actions of violence. Here are seven steps they can take to help mitigate and respond to workplace violence.  INSIDE THIS ARTICLE, YOU’LL FIND:1. Understand the problem 2. Create a written workplace violence prevention plan 3. Lean on technology for prevention and reaction 4. ...
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The 10 Things Employers Need to Know About Sweeping New Federal Data Privacy Law Proposal

A bipartisan group of federal lawmakers just unveiled a sweeping proposal to pass the nation’s first data privacy law and hand a significant amount of power to consumers, one that would bring about a massive change in the way that businesses treat customer data. While it would create a consistent framework across the country and ...
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3 AI Bills in Congress for Employers to Track: Proposed Laws Target Automated Systems, Workplace Surveillance, And More

Employers that use artificial intelligence – and developers that create AI systems – could be subject to extensive new laws under several bills introduced by federal legislators. While much of the existing legal landscape on AI centers on broad, overarching principles, Congress is now considering bills that hone in on more specific issues like the ...
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As the global landscape evolves, organizations must prioritize the well-being of their travelers through strategic planning and continuous improvement. Travel risk assessments are part of the foundation of that effort. INSIDE THIS ARTICLE, YOU’LL FIND:What is travel risk?What are the components of a travel risk assessment?How to prepare an assessment Every great organization that sends ...
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Ransomware Costs Businesses Record-High $1 Billion in 2023: Your 5-Step Plan to Prevent Attacks in 2024

2023 was the most devastating year yet for ransomware attacks, with businesses forking over $1 billion in ransom payments for the first time ever – and 2024 is expected to be even worse. Beyond the payments, the average cost of each ransomware attack last year was over $5 million. Given these unprecedented statistics, ransomware attacks ...
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Travel Risk Management: A Guide To Protecting Your People

When your team is on the road, how can you make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe? Review travel risk management best practices and how a provider can help you implement them.  INSIDE THIS ARTICLE, YOU’LL FIND: In a business landscape increasingly marked by the impact of security risks, from geopolitical ...
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From DEI to DEIA: How to Incorporate Accessibility into Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan

If you work in the DEI space, then you’re likely familiar with recent efforts to add “accessibility” to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Even if the term “DEIA” is new to you, your organization may be looking for ways to ensure workers with disabilities can thrive in the workplace. The benefits are clear for workers ...
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What is an Emergency Action Plan? A Guide for Businesses Preparing for Crisis

 An emergency action plan helps ensure safety and well-being within a workplace or community space during emergencies. How can you create and maintain one of your own?  Our interconnected and disrupted global landscape – rife with political, economic, and climate turmoil – is forcing businesses everywhere to prepare for various emergencies that could impact their ...
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OSHA Penalties Automatically Increase, Putting Pressure on Employers to Comply with Workplace Safety Obligations

Employers should be aware of higher penalties for workplace safety violations that the U.S. Department of Labor has just published. These are the yearly increases to the maximum civil penalties that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may assess through citations against employers as a result of workplace safety and health inspections. The penalties ...
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Businesswoman using laptop in the departure area at airport

Using Public Wi-Fi While Traveling? Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Learn about the security risks associate with using public Wi-Fi and review practical tips to ensure your digital safety while on the road. In a world where staying connected is paramount, public Wi-Fi spots have become ubiquitous. These convenient networks offer an instant gateway to the online world, where you can connect with family and ...
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