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The JOBS Act: Potential Impact on the Sale of Hotel Condominium Units

Co-authored by Brian L. Belt Changes in federal securities laws—namely,  the loosening of rules on solicitation and advertising—may have opened up a new vista for investors and speculators, such that the sale of hotel condominium units could become both more profitable and more common.  What follows are details of these changes and their expected impact. ...
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Passing Credit Card Swipe Fees to Employees and Guests

Our national hospitality practice frequently advises restaurant owners and operators on whether it is legal for employers to pass credit card swipe fees onto employees or even to guests, and the short answer is, yes, in most states. But whether an employer wants to actually pass along this charge and risk alienating their staff or ...
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How Music Establishes Mood and Drives Restaurant Profits

Will Bridges, co-founder of Lamberts Downtown Barbecue in Austin, Texas, sees on a daily basis the impact music has on diners. “The interplay between music and dining is crucial,” he observes. “You really can’t separate the two. Lamberts wouldn’t be what it is today without the music component.” Indeed, whether a restaurant is seeking to ...
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Suction Entrapment in Hotel Swimming Pools

Background In June of 2002, 7-year old Virginia Graeme Baker drowned when she became stuck to the suction drain outlet of a hot tub.  Baker, who had been swimming without assistance since age 3, was trapped underwater against the drain by the suction force of the water flowing into the drain.  She was unable to ...
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A Hotelier’s Guide to Serious Wi-Fi

Major online hospitality outlets like Hotel Industry Magazine and Travel Daily UK are announcing the results of a NETGEAR study in which two-thirds of business travelers reported they would not return to a hotel that offers inadequate wireless service. Now, we can’t find a direct link to that survey, and the findings do encourage the purchase of the technology ...
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4 Best Practices for Hotels to Win Chargeback Disputes over Smoking Violation Fees

by in Lodging. Posted June 26, 2015
Recently, the hotel industry has been wrestling with a growing trend.  A guest whom the hotel suspects violated smoking policies by smoking in his room or inside the hotel itself has his credit card charged for the violation fee after leaving the hotel. The guest either promptly or eventually disputes this charge, denying the alleged ...
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