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TABC Legal Services Division to Host Continuing Education for Alcohol Industry Attorneys

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s Legal Services Division will host a free Continuing Legal Education (CLE) session highlighting some of the most common issues and questions related to upholding the Alcoholic Beverage Code. TABC will host the program on September 25 at the agency’s Austin headquarters, 5806 Mesa Drive, and the event is open to ...
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Please Don’t Pass the Salt (Labels): The Fight Over NYC’s Sodium Labeling Rule

After surviving its first go-around in court, New York City’s attempt to require restaurateurs to add sodium warnings to their menus has hit a roadblock in the form of a temporary injunction. Perhaps taking inspiration from the FDA’s recent imposition of nutrition-labeling requirements on restaurant menus, the New York City Board of Health had approved ...
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What the Traveler Thinks: Track Me, It’s OK

Who’s responsible for business traveler well-being, and what tactics should companies use to monitor employees while they’re traveling for business?BTN surveyed 210 managed business travelers who took at least four trips, each one including a flight and at least one hotel night, in the past 12 months. 47% believe their company is entirely responsible for ...
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It’s Never Been So Important – See Something, Say Something

See Something, Say Something          After the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris and a few weeks later, in San Bernardino, law enforcement officers and intelligence officials around the world are understandably concerned about possible future attacks.  These public servants sacrifice immensely, doing their best every day to try and keep us safe.  ...
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The Paris ISIS Commando Made Use of Sophisticated Weaponry, Technical Expertise and Strict Operational Security

The world has witnessed once again a horrific terrorist attack on European soil.  It comes as the third attack in France so far this year, having been preceded by the bloody Charlie Hebdo office and Kosher supermarket attack in January and the Paris-bound train attack in August.  That attack, in which no one died, was ...
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Nominate for the 2016 Anthony G. Marshall Award

by in Legal. Posted November 23, 2015
Anthony G. Marshall Anthony G. Marshall was a renowned educator, author, speaker, and columnist for Hotel & Motel Management Magazine. His writing brought hospitality law to the masses, so that operators—not just lawyers—could understand what the law expected of them. He became the first recipient of the Tony Marshall Award at the 2005 Hospitality Law ...
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Helicopters and Evacuations at High Altitude

If you’re responsible for creating your company’s plan to evacuate mobile employees for medical, meteorological, or geopolitical reasons, consider altitude when developing your strategy. You should review a number of factors, but focus especially on your evacuation vehicle of choice—and remember, helicopters don’t fly quite so well at high altitude. Ever since Igor Sikorsky created ...
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4 Factors to Consider in Nuclear Incidents

In March 2011, a tsunami crippled Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima I nuclear power plant. With critical equipment offline, the plant suffered multiple nuclear meltdowns and discharged a substantial amount of radioactive material; this earned it a Level 7 “Major Accident” rating on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES).  After being somewhat contained ...
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Reconciling Airbnb with Duty of Care for Corporate Travel

Worldwide phenomenon Airbnb (and others like VRBO and HomeAway), the website that allows people to rent out lodging spaces (typically privately-owned residences), has established itself as a disruptive force in the hospitality industry. It allows travelers to enjoy unprecedented flexibility at substantially reduced costs, and via a proven profile rating system has earned itself a ...
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