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Workplace Violence Occurring At Alarming Rate: Time For Employers To Be Proactive

It’s a news headline we’ve seen too often, including several times in recent weeks: another disgruntled employee or former employee has entered the workplace and killed or injured coworkers. What can you do to minimize the chances that your workplace will suffer such a tragedy? Employers Should Avoid “Wait-And-See” Approach Often the employee assailant previously ...
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A TED Talk’s Roadmap for Staying Calm When an Active Shooter’s at the Door

An armed gunman just entered your workplace. You’re under stress. What is the first thing you and your management team do? Does someone call the police?Do you run? Fight? Hide?Is there a security guard? What does he or she do?What do your employees do?Do you know the precise, step-by-step actions that you would take?Do you ...
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