A Safe Night Out: Things to Avoid When Serving Alcohol

For many young adults, a night on the town involves heavy alcohol consumption. In a perfect world, patrons would regulate themselves; no “one shot too many” incidents, no getting behind the wheel after downing a few Jägerbombs, and so on. Of course, in the real world, this stuff happens all the time. Be warned: A “none of my business” attitude has been the legal downfall of many a bar/restaurant owner.

Owners and operators should implement effective measures to mitigate intoxication, thereby protecting their patrons, their establishments, and the general public on our roads and highways. A good alcohol policy involves developing practical countermeasures and then ingraining the motivation to enforce these measures into your bartenders and wait staff.

As part of a strong policy on safe alcohol service, we recommend you avoid the following common practices:

•  Pouring alcohol directly into the mouth of a patron

•  Lighting alcohol to create a flaming drink

•  Serving and/or mixing alcohol with energy drinks

Remember: Just because something makes money doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. Additionally, the practices listed above put your business at substantially increased risk for liability. Smart owners implement and enforce smart alcohol policies.

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