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Supreme Court Agrees To Wade Into Class Action Waiver Conflict

In a widely expected move, the U.S. Supreme Court just agreed to settle a dispute about whether employers can use mandatory class action waivers with their workers. The decision, which should be issued by June 2017, will provide clarity to a topic that has become increasingly muddled over the past year. Employers will spend the ...
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On the Sideboard: Tip Deductions, Side Work, and Meal Credits

by Wendy McGuire Coats and Rochelle Nelson What kinds of employment-related issues are other restaurants facing? Here’s a quick look this summer’s court activity. No Deductions in Tips for Cash Deliveries. A restaurant chain came under fire for violating federal wage and hour laws by deducting cash handling fees from its employee’s tips. The restaurant ...
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Accommodating Transgender Guests in Hotel Restrooms, Locker Rooms Is a Balancing Act

If you work in the hospitality industry, you no doubt realize that for all of the hotel rooms around the globe, there is no room for discrimination. Claims of bias can have devastating consequences on a brand as well as rippling economic effects. To put that into perspective, the NBA’s recent decision to pull its ...
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OSHA’s Recordkeeping Posting Required on February 1: Are You Ready?

OSHA’s recordkeeping standard requires all non-exempt employers to post their 300A Summaries for each establishment for three (3) months starting February 1. OSHA reviewed its standard on occupational injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting requirement and the revisions became effective on January 1, 2015. The revised rule on recordkeeping dramatically increased employers’ reporting requirements. In ...
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