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Detecting and Neutralizing Terrorist Plots in Europe Requires Greater Integration of Intel and Police Agencies

Europe suffered yet another horrific terrorist attack last month, this time in Belgium.  ISIS-inspired, radicalized, young European men placed multiple explosive devices in a departure terminal of the Zaventem International Airport in Brussels, causing massive loss of life.  They simultaneuosly blew up a commuter rail car packed with passengers.  The attacks, coordinated among disenfranchised Belgian ...
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Europe’s Migrant Crisis Sparks Fear of Radicalized Presence

With arrivals at more than half-million strong and growing, is ISIS exploiting the crisis to gain a tactical advantage? With staggering speed, the migration crisis in Europe has grown in 2015 from a steady trickle of families huddled in rickety boats to the largest refugee crisis on the continent since World War II.  So far, ...
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