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Preparing Hospitality Event Security

Meetings and events are crucial to the growth of the US economy contributing $446 billion to GDP in 2016. Business services and the insurance company contributed the most to this figure followed by food & beverage, hotel & lodging and travel & tourism. Preparing for a hospitality event not only involves logistics such as equipment, food & drinks and other paraphernalia. Event security is an important part of any gathering and it is through careful planning and preparation that its success is guaranteed.

An Overview of the Event is Key to Ensure its Security

Event security is attained if there is full control of the meeting. This means that organizers must have an accurate scenario of the entire event in all its stages from design to execution. One of the most important activities in planning and managing security is site inspection. Scanning the venue for possible threats, vulnerabilities and strengths can help in the preparation of a security plan. Strategic check-in spots, emergency exits, assembly points and parking can be defined by doing an in-depth tour of the event premises.

Furthermore, information on how the venue handles emergencies as well as a history of its past response to crises, injuries or deaths assist in designing an appropriate security strategy. In short, ongoing risk assessments in event security ensure the safety of participants and the venue, according to an Event Risk Assessment Guide published by the University of Western Australia.

Event Security Blueprint

Creating a team and sub-teams will ensure that there is someone responsible for specific tasks whether it is to coordinate with the lead agency organizing the event or to identify specific risks and threats. Preparing an organizational chart will also make sure that everyone knows with whom to communicate regarding security. The org chart can become the lifeline of the event especially for new hires and employees (

A significant threat that should not be overlooked is cyberattacks. Every 39 seconds, a hacker strikes affecting the lives of 1 in 3 Americans according to the Clarke School study at the University of Maryland. The average cost of a data breach is expected to climb to $150 million by 2020 based on a Juniper Research. A group can easily infiltrate the on-site information systems of the event. The system will contain data on communications, security plans, access areas, surveillance, utilities, automated locking mechanisms and other information technology. If information gets into the wrong hands, it can compromise the safety of participants & organizers or inflict damage to property.

The security of meetings and events is dependent on how well organizers plan and review existing and potential risks. Full control of the site and its vulnerabilities also guarantee that the appropriate responses are generated should emergencies or attacks occur. Only then can an event proceed smoothly with minimal disruptions.

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