Security Reminders for the Fall From the Institute for Security Executives

Summer is coming to an end, and with that change of season come many things that deserve some security and safety reminders. Primarily, school and work schedules will return to more predictable patterns.

Allow a little more time to go to work; school zones and buses will be active again. Watch out for those kids and parents, especially on those first few days. They may be preoccupied and not thinking of safety as they get back in the habit of going to school. If you are dropping someone off and need to leave your car, lock the doors and don’t leave valuables on the seat or in plain view. The bad guys all love those first few days. So often, we think we will only be gone for a second. That is all someone needs. Now you have lost your purse, briefcase, or laptop.

Remember to set your home alarms, vary the lights you leave on, and maybe leave a TV on now and again. Try to be a little unpredictable with your schedule. If you notice contractors or strange vehicles that don’t belong in the neighborhood, tell someone. Notify your neighborhood patrol or local police. This is a good time to get re-acquainted with your neighbors. While National Neighbor Night Out may have passed for many of you, there are many Southern communities that have it later in October because August is so hot.

Fall is also the start of business travel and conference season. Before you go on your trip, do your homework. Know the security threats you may be facing. Your intelligence provider will give you up-to-date information so you can put the right protections in place for your travels. If you travel to higher-threat destinations, consider getting a professional or security-trained driver from a vetted security provider instead of just a taxi at the airport.

Review the hotels where you plan to stay. For higher-threat destinations, consider only using 4.5 to 5 star properties. They tend to have better security, better quality food, and potable water—things we may take for granted in more developed, lower-threat locations. While you are on a trip, remember to check in with someone everyday via email or phone. If you don’t show up someplace, someone will know to start looking for you.

We hope you all have had a good summer. Come see us at the 3rd Global Congress for Travel Risk Management, from September 30 to October 1 in Houston, Texas.

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