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Business Travelers: In Search of Opportunity, Safely

Abstract To manage and grow their businesses, Americans take over 16 million business trips internationally a year. To grow further, companies will continue to look for opportunities abroad, especially in emerging markets. With this expansion and international travel comes risk. Indeed, a number of cities around the world – including many that offer substantial growth opportunities for businesses – are not particularly ...
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Are You Keeping Your Smartphone Smart?

More and more companies are empowering their workforce and executives to stay engaged with the office when traveling, by providing a myriad of devices such as iPhones, iPads, Laptops and other smartphone devices. The threat to corporate information protection increases when employees are traveling for business. Let alone, the physical threat of device theft; the ...
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Corporate Travel Focus 2014 – Data Security, Travel Risk Management and Mobile Tech

Travel data security, risk management while traveling to emerging countries and demand for additional mobile technology will be the focus for corporates next year, says corporate travel management company HRG. Travel Data Security The UK-based TMC recommends corporates have a global data consolidation strategy in order to mitigate risks associated with data protection and privacy. ...
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The Ridesharing Economy: Uber and Lyft Business Travel

Ridesharing Most everyone, by now, has heard of Uber and Lyft. In theory, the transportation services they provide make total sense from a consumer, employee and employer standpoint. A customer takes out his or her phone, loads the app, requests a ride and within minutes he or she is in a car on the way to the destination. There’s no doubt ...
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Ensuring Worker Safety Abroad

Ensuring Worker Safety Abroad: Although kidnapping of Americans abroad gets all the publicity, other risks await business travelers. Here’s what a business manager needs to know before sending an employee overseas. Before Traveling Research. Before a trip abroad, travelers should gain a general understanding of the country’s cultural, economic and political situation. The U.S. State Department issues Consular Information Sheets for every country of the world with ...
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