Uber vs. Uber

Uber in Gainesville? Not So Fast…

For a brief summary of this uber filled case:

“You live in Gainesville and need to book a party bus, or perhaps a non-party bus or a limo to take a number of people to an event. You run a Google search for ‘Gainesville party bus’ and, not satisfied with any of the offerings on page one of the results, turn to page two. There is a listing there for ‘UberPromotions.’ Thinking that perhaps this is somehow affiliated with Uber, a nationally known taxi-like service that has recently come to town, you click on the link. You are taken to a webpage with a bright green and purple ‘über PROMOTIONS’ logo. The crux of this trademark infringement case is (roughly speaking) whether you could reasonably conclude that Uber Promotions and Uber the taxi- like service are in some way connected.”

A local Florida company, with an unfortunate name, takes on the ever expanding ride-sharing beast seeking to keep “Tech” from operating in their hometown. With “Tech’s” newer service called “UberEVENTS”, offering users to purchase a ride for others that could be used at a particular time in the future, in addition to their already explosive ride-sharing service, “Promo” is definitely feeling the heat. Pollack, of Gray Robinson, shares the details of the preliminary injunction. As far as who will be left standing, in Pollack’s own words “this case is far from done.”

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