Senators Propose More Security After Terror Attacks

Because of the recent surge in terrorist attacks, Democratic senators propose more security at airports and other transportation hubs.

According to Joan Lowy of The Associated Press, the proposal would include increasing government “viper teams” that are used to search suspicious passengers before screening. The goal in the new initiative would be to increase the number of teams from 30 to 60.

In addition, the senators will request more federal grants to aid in the training of law enforcement officers for possible terrorist attacks on at airports, train stations and other transportation hubs that are considered “soft targets.”

The new proposals are part of additions being made to an aviation policy bill under consideration, which would also allow Transportation Security Administration officials to access to additional terrorism-related and criminal records databases.

The aviation policy bill being considered also addresses the issues with slow signup rates for the TSA PreCheck program, the Federal Aviation Administration, usage of drones and the overflow of common airline fees.

Chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Sen. John Thune, R-S.D. told The Associated Press that he believes the security proposals should have been part of a separate bill, but he didn’t say whether or not he would oppose the aviation bill.

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