GCTRM: The Future of Duty of Care Education

Each year, HospitalityLawyer.com hosts the Global Congress on Travel Risk Management in Houston, Texas. This conference serves as a converging force for travel risk management, uniting every role (travel, legal, risk, compliance, safety and security, human resources) involved in Duty of Care in a dynamic environment of experts and stakeholders.

We proudly announce the successful execution of the 2013 Global Congress, held at the Omni Houston Hotel from September 30 to October 1. Speakers from a wide variety of disciplines presented a focused array of high-impact topics, including:

  • Best Practices for Hotel Security Assessments
  • Best Practices in Evacuation
  • Best Practices in Executive Protection
  • Case Study:  What We Have Learned from Recent Travel Disruptions
  • Creating an Effective Travel Policy that Includes Risk Management
  • Integration of the Entire Corporate Enterprise into Travel Risk Management

“I come to the Global Congress every year because I always take away something really practical regarding risk that I can apply to my job,” says Charles Brossman, CEO of FCm Travel Solutions. “It’s increasingly important to anyone who manages travel to participate in this program. Managing risk is just as important as managing cost.”

Between plenary sessions, attendees enjoyed more specialized presentations in two breakout sessions and participated in discussion-driven topical round tables. Topics included:

  • Aviation Safety and Security Assessment
  • Data and IP Protection
  • Executive Protection
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Ground Transportation Safety and Security Assessment
  • Tracking

“This is an opportunity that’s been brewing for a long time,” says Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET. “We go to these different conferences and everyone is doing their own thing and talking in a stovepipe about these issues. But they can’t be solved by any single functional department. They need to be solved by bringing the lawyers, the HR team, and travel and security folks together to talk about how we protect employees and deal with safety and security issues worldwide. That’s what the Global Congress is all about.”

At a luncheon on September 30, the U.S. Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) delivered a presentation about the considerable travel risk management resources OSAC offers the private sector. On October 1, during another series of round tables, Houston’s consulate corps shared with attendees about the travel challenges in and solutions for their respective countries.

At the 2014 Global Congress on Travel Risk Management (October 13-14 in Houston, Texas)–in addition to one day of a traditional conference format–we plan to make a revolutionary departure from convention. All attendees will be immersed in two crisis scenarios, and select teams of participants representing every role in the travel risk management equation will work to solve the crises before time runs out. Stay tuned for more details; we hope to see you there!

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