5 Steps to De-escalating Mask Refusal

With some states reopening and lifting mask mandates, the burden is falling on hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to enforce mask requirements. By now, there have been a number of well-documented incidents wherein customers and guests react in a belligerent, hostile, or even violent manner after being asked to comply with mask rules. The following video was made to help you minimize the chances of such an incident occurring in your workplace and provide guidance on what you should do if an anti-mask guest disrupts your business.

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Andria Ryan – Partner, Fisher Phillips
Andria Ryan is a partner in the Atlanta office and she serves as the chair of the firm’s Hospitality Practice Group and co-chair of the Hospitality Industry Group. She represents employers in virtually every area of employment and labor law. Andria represents employers throughout the United States in defending employment discrimination and harassment cases as well as handling traditional labor matters such as unfair labor practices and union campaigns.


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