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There has never been a greater need to manage costs than amid the recent decline in global oil prices. Cognizant of this, ATPI has developed ATPI CrewLink™, a workflow management platform that will provide full end-to-end integration of all travel data from multiple points. It will take an HR feed from different locations, another from Accounts Payable, one from travel booking systems and profile tools in use across the world, then aggregate the data to give a consolidated view in one single system.

This case study explains how operating in close partnership with our clients, we are able to provide them with the technology that really impacts the performance of their core business, offering exceptional speed and efficiency in the processing of complex crew arrangements. We believe that we’re the only TMC offering this solution in the market today, as the leading specialist in travel for energy and shipping companies.

Time is money for any company but for those managing large global crew movements and multiple manning agencies, there are huge cost implications of becoming swamped in a quagmire of visa
applications, passport checks, crew travel logistics and ever-changing hotel and flight bookings.

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