Employee Traveler Tracking

Employee Traveler Tracking: Where Are Your Travelers Right Now?

Corporate employee traveler tracking should be near the top of every global travel managers list. According to statistics, “71 percent track travelers using TMC itinerary data, 30 percent use credit card data, and 12 percent use GPS via tools that tap into travelers’ mobile devices”, and it should be noted that 17 percent aren’t tracking at all. Many corporations”still take a passive approach” to tracking employees. Unfortunately, in the last year, we’ve seen a number of crises and many other events that put travelers in danger. With a rise in crises, out-dated tracking “can be problematic especially in an emergency situation when plans tend to change,” and employees are in unfamiliar territory. In JoAnn DeLuna’s article discover tracking supplements, mobile tools, and other ways to increase tracking efforts.

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