How Technology Bridges The Duty Of Care Gap

Keeping business travelers safe means keeping them informed and connected to their company and duty of care team. A report from BCD Travel’s Research & Innovation team explores ways travel managers can use emerging technologies like chatbots and artificial intelligence to bridge the duty of care gap; anticipate trouble before it happens; and save precious time when it does.

Download Duty of care, Emerging Technology and Travel Management. Short on time? Check out this infographic.

What’s inside the report

  • How travel managers can use machine learning to better prepare travelers for trips and take preventive action to minimize disruptions
  • Blockchain’s potential for fast, accurate and secure traveler data
  • How bots and chatbots help travel managers fulfill their duty of care commitments
  • Using virtual and augmented reality to guide travelers through a destination or share their situation with support staff
  • How the Internet of Things and telemetric systems can be used to track travelers and potentially assess their well-being

The duty of care report is the fourth in a six-part series on emerging technologies and corporate travel management. Find all the reports published so far at

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