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California Supreme Court Rejects De Minimis Doctrine for Off-The-Clock Work Claims

On July 26, 2018, the California Supreme Court issued a decision entitled Douglas Troester v. Starbucks Corporation, No. S234969, which should be of concern to all California employers. The specific issue was whether, in tracking the compensable time of its non-exempt employees, Starbucks could ignore minutes that they spend closing up after they clock out ...
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Startups: Steps to protect your intellectual property

Do you have a handle on protect your intellectual property? Do you know the pitfalls and technical measures that you should take to protect your intellectual property? Startup or not, these tips from Buchalter Nemer provide a valuable checklist to help protect your IP. Explore the nuances of California’s laws around the ownership of intellectual ...
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Rules for Workplace Social Media Policies That Work

Authors: Kalley Aman and Ruth Seroussi practice labor and employment law and litigation with Buchalter in Los Angeles. EMPLOYEES MAY TURN TO PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA accounts or private chat rooms to vent about the workplace without realizing that these communications may be read by their employers. The law recognizes that employers have legitimate interests in disciplining ...
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Attention California Employers: New Employment Laws Affecting Your Business Take Effect on January 1, 2016

by Paul L. Bressan and Louise Truong In past years the Governor of California has enacted new laws related to employment that place additional burdens on employers, while granting additional rights to employees. This year is no exception. Although there is some minimal relief to employers, Governor Brown has enacted a number of employee-friendly laws, ...
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What the Hospitality Industry Needs to Know about Website Accessibility Guidelines

Do private businesses, including restaurants, hotels and travel businesses who offer services to the public through their website (i.e., sell a product or service on the website) have to make their websites accessible to persons with disabilities? While the answer to that question is almost certainly “yes,” it has still not been conclusively answered by ...
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Sustainable Airport Policies for Car Sharing and Ride-Sharing Companies

“Disruption” has become the buzzword of the decade for technology startups. Entrepreneurs take aim at existing markets every day with ideas designed to uproot and redefine their industries. But some of the most innovative disrupters are having trouble bringing their ideas to a place where disruption is generally unwelcome: the airport. Car sharing services such ...
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