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Labor Department’s New Overtime Rule Likely Coming Soon: Your 8-Step Plan to Prepare

More of your employees may be eligible for overtime pay under a new rule that is likely to be finalized in April and could take effect soon. As proposed in August, the Labor Department intends to significantly raise the exempt salary threshold for the so-called “white-collar” exemptions from about $35K to about $55K – meaning ...
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Colorado and Washington Likely to Join Growing List of States Banning Captive Audience Meetings: 5 Steps Employers Can Take to Comply

Colorado and Washington will likely become the latest states to ban employers from holding mandatory meetings with employees concerning religious or political matters. Such employer-sponsored meetings, known as “captive audience meetings,” require employee attendance under threat of discharge, discipline, or some other penalty, and concern religious or political matters – including whether employees should join ...
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Inspiring Inclusion on International Women’s Day: 10 Ways to Empower Women in the Workplace

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Inspire Inclusion.” While it is important to consider the inclusivity and diversity of our workplaces year-round, IWD — which takes place annually on March 8 — is a perfect opportunity to assess and enhance your efforts to foster a work environment that includes and empowers women. ...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Chief AI Officer – and 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Is it the hottest job in corporate America – or is it a passing fad that will fade away in a matter of months? Either way, 2024 will be the year of the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO). This Insight will briefly discuss the exponential growth of CAIO roles over the past year and provide ...
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Labor Board’s “BLM” Ruling Will Require You To Review Your Dress Code and Other Workplace Policies: Your 5-Step Guide

The National Labor Relations Board just ruled that a national retailer must allow customer-facing employees who want to write “Black Lives Matter” on their uniforms to do so – and may have opened Pandora ’s Box when it comes to allowing the public display of political and social causes in the workplace. The February 21 ...
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Ransomware Costs Businesses Record-High $1 Billion in 2023: Your 5-Step Plan to Prevent Attacks in 2024

2023 was the most devastating year yet for ransomware attacks, with businesses forking over $1 billion in ransom payments for the first time ever – and 2024 is expected to be even worse. Beyond the payments, the average cost of each ransomware attack last year was over $5 million. Given these unprecedented statistics, ransomware attacks ...
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Galentine’s Day in the Workplace: 10 Ways to Empower Women in 2024

The day before Valentine’s Day is about “ladies celebrating ladies,” as Amy Poehler’s character on the TV show Parks & Rec put it – it’s Galentine’s Day. But this year, your organization shouldn’t just leave it to women to help celebrate and empower other women in the workplace. You should make it an organizational priority to ensure ...
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Proposed Regulations Impact Retirement Plans for Certain Part-Time Employees: FAQs for Employers

Employers that sponsor 401(k) or 403(b) plans should be aware of eligibility and participation rules for their long-term, part-time (LTPT) employees. Historically, such plans could exclude employees who worked fewer than 1,000 hours during the plan year. But SECURE Act 1.0 introduced the concept of the LTPT employee — and SECURE Act 2.0 expanded the ...
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From DEI to DEIA: How to Incorporate Accessibility into Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan

If you work in the DEI space, then you’re likely familiar with recent efforts to add “accessibility” to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Even if the term “DEIA” is new to you, your organization may be looking for ways to ensure workers with disabilities can thrive in the workplace. The benefits are clear for workers ...
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Election Season in the Workplace: Employers’ Essential FAQs for 2024

The coming election year promises to be turbulent, and your workplace will not be immune from the challenges that are sure to face us. What do you need to know about your rights and responsibilities as an employer now that the 2024 election season is officially upon us? This handy FAQ document provides all you ...
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