Why Are More Hotel Owners Choosing Independence Over Brands?

Hotel owners are beginning to see the opportunities that come with choosing independence over brands. It’s fairly clear in this new age our guests are looking for an authentic, personal experience. Many travels prefer to eat and stay in locally-inspired areas and avoid the stigma attached to the idea of “tourists”. This has inevitably lead to investors and owners choosing independent hotels and boutique real estates in order to satisfy the ever evolving consumer.

What are some of the benefits associated with investing in independent over brand?

“Cost Savings, Less Hurdles – Owners will find more nimble operations, lower management fees and more flexible contract terms.

Freedom and Flexibility – Owners and operators of boutique hotels have control and freedom to think outside the box, test different ttoools and exercise creative solutions.

The Customized Approach – Rather than cookie-cutter templates that franchisees are beholden to, independent properties rely on strategies and plans custom-tailored to their specific property, market and destination.

Lifestyle Experience versus Loyalty Programs – For independent owners[…] their marketing budget actually goes towards their own hotel, copared to big brands, whoe owners pay hefty fees to finance the marketing of the overall chain.

Profits Are Drive by Product Perception – The perception of your boutique hotel will drive its rate and its success.”

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“Why Are More Hotel Owners Choosing Independence Over Brands?” :: Hospitality Trends. Web. 30 Mar. 2016.

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