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Guest Room Privacy and the Fourth Amendment

Hotels are faced with a delicate balancing act when it comes to maintaining guest privacy.  Hotel staff must comply with police investigations when noncompliance would constitute obstruction of justice.  At the same time, hotel employees must recognize their guests’ Fourth Amendment right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures.  If hotel employees comply with ...
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Is Your Employment Practices Liability Insurance Covering the Right Risks?

While no employer is immune from employment-related lawsuits, particularly in a sluggish economy, the hospitality industry faces unique, yet recurring, challenges in terms of employment-based claims – and thus is particularly reliant on employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). Because the hospitality industry is among the leaders in workplace diversity, discrimination claims based on race, gender, ...
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NLRB’s McDonald’s Joint Employer Decision Sends Shock Waves Through Franchise Community

On August 5, 2014 the National Labor Relations Board’s (“NLRB”) Office of General Counsel announced that it was authorizing complaints against both McDonald’s store owners and corporate McDonald’s USA LLC, as joint employers, in a series of unfair labor practice proceedings arising out of last autumn’s minimum wage protest actions against the fast food industry. McDonald’s was the ...
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Safety in Numbers

When employees travel in large groups, risk managers often lean back and relax. Booking tickets simultaneously, arranging transportation in one go, and providing a single, large pre-trip briefing to all concerned, certainly sounds a lot easier. However, this sense of ease is exactly where danger can lurk. While convenient, large group travel can also instill a false sense of security into both employees and their ...
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Political Risk Insurance for Businesses Operating in Russia and Ukraine

Given recent events, there is an increased interest in political risk insurance in Russia and Ukraine. However, it also appears that insurers have stopped underwriting political risk insurance, at least for exposures in Ukraine for the time being, and many insurers are declining to quote on Russian exposures, or are subjecting new inquiries to greater, ...
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Security Planning for Business Aviation Travel – Part 2: Vetting and Arranging for Security

Security Planning for Business Aviation Travel Universal Weather and Aviation covers seven key factors private firms should consider when developing security options for private airports and aircraft. This includes vetting security personnel, parking considerations, and more. Click here to view the article Originally published on Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.
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The Move to Traveler Centricity

A new generation of Millennial employees (21 to 30 year olds) is poised to become a stronghold in the workforce—and they are bringing their intensive technology habits with them. A proliferation of consumer and business-focused mobile travel apps and websites designed to meet the needs of this new generation is taking its place alongside traditional ...
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Security Planning for Business Aviation Travel – Part 1: Pre-Planning

Business aviation and aircraft operators benefit enormously from ordering security intelligence reports for international destinations they haven’t visited in sixty days or longer. Check out this list of seven key items to know before ordering a report(s), including crucial distinctions among the three types of intelligence reports and tips for the best methods of obtaining ...
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