Daily Archives: July 30, 2015

Hotel Pools: Another Potentially Hazardous Amenity

We wrote about the hazards inherent in hotel balconies last week, but that isn’t the only potentially troublesome amenity that hotel owners and operators must review. Hotel swimming pools seem innocuous enough to most guests and hotel staff, but as a deep body of water, they present a drowning hazard nonetheless. Hotel management should consider ...
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Safety Is Your Business: Duty of Care in the News

The developing world and its emerging economies offer golden opportunities for firms large and small to explore new investment frontiers. This means sending employees, including executives, to foreign countries where conditions may be less than safe. Business travelers may encounter anything from small-time corruption to full-scale riots, and if you’re involved in travel risk management, ...
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Staying Vigilant for Your Guests: Hotel Safety, Scam Awareness, and Hacking Defense

No guest wants to feel insecure about the safety of his/her person, belongings, and bank account when staying at a hotel. No hotel owner wants his/her guests to feel this way, either! But the threat exists, and in our world of rapidly advancing technology, it evolves by the day. Hotel owners must take effective, adaptive ...
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Threats Abroad: Essential Preparations for Security and Risk Personnel

by in Travel. Posted July 30, 2015
On Monday, U.S. diplomatic installations across the Middle East reopened in the wake of a precautionary lockdown; two weeks ago, U.S. intelligence learned of a possible attack via communications between two high-ranking al-Qaeda officials. The embassy in Yemen remains closed, however, with a terror watch still in place for that nation. With the geopolitical situation ...
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