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What the Traveler Thinks: Track Me, It’s OK

Who’s responsible for business traveler well-being, and what tactics should companies use to monitor employees while they’re traveling for business?BTN surveyed 210 managed business travelers who took at least four trips, each one including a flight and at least one hotel night, in the past 12 months. 47% believe their company is entirely responsible for ...
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It’s Time for Employers to Go to the Next Level In Preventing Workplace Violence

I recently met with an international company which has armed security responders at some facilities, guards at others, and nothing at public establishments among its diverse operations. We talked about protecting lone employees working at customers’ sites or alone at late hours, as well as how to protect employees working in situations where police are ...
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Rules for Workplace Social Media Policies That Work

Authors: Kalley Aman and Ruth Seroussi practice labor and employment law and litigation with Buchalter in Los Angeles. EMPLOYEES MAY TURN TO PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA accounts or private chat rooms to vent about the workplace without realizing that these communications may be read by their employers. The law recognizes that employers have legitimate interests in disciplining ...
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