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Foreign Trip Travel Insurance and Evacuations

One of my clients recently requested foreign trip travel insurance to Kurdistan through a major insurance company. While discussing the proposal with the underwriter, I asked if Kurdistan was on a no-travel list.  Her response:  “Oh, it should be fine!” Somewhat perplexed by her reaction, I politely informed her that Kurdistan is a province in ...
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Employer’s Use of Criminal History in the Hiring Process – What Does the EEOC Say?

If you have a box on your employment application that asks if the prospective employee has ever been convicted of a felony/spent time in jail, you may want to consider removing it. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently issued new enforcement guidance making clear that they will scrutinize employers’ use of arrest ...
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Reputational Risk in the Modern Era

According to a recent study from Deloitte, reputational risk and fallout from bad public relations are now considered the top risk mitigation priorities for large companies. While many senior executives say they are making progress on strategic risk management issues, the broad spectrum of companies polled reported that reputational risk concerns have risen from third ...
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