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Safety Is Your Business: Duty of Care in the News

The developing world and its emerging economies offer golden opportunities for firms large and small to explore new investment frontiers. This means sending employees, including executives, to foreign countries where conditions may be less than safe. Business travelers may encounter anything from small-time corruption to full-scale riots, and if you’re involved in travel risk management, ...
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Staying Vigilant for Your Guests: Hotel Safety, Scam Awareness, and Hacking Defense

No guest wants to feel insecure about the safety of his/her person, belongings, and bank account when staying at a hotel. No hotel owner wants his/her guests to feel this way, either! But the threat exists, and in our world of rapidly advancing technology, it evolves by the day. Hotel owners must take effective, adaptive ...
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Threats Abroad: Essential Preparations for Security and Risk Personnel

by in Travel. Posted July 30, 2015
On Monday, U.S. diplomatic installations across the Middle East reopened in the wake of a precautionary lockdown; two weeks ago, U.S. intelligence learned of a possible attack via communications between two high-ranking al-Qaeda officials. The embassy in Yemen remains closed, however, with a terror watch still in place for that nation. With the geopolitical situation ...
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Seasonal Influenza Increasing with Potential to Disrupt Health Services

Executive Summary Seasonal influenza has begun to increase in the Northern Hemisphere, where influenza season typically peaks between December and March. However, the current influenza season has increased more rapidly and earlier than usual in North America, while Europe has seen medium-to-low influenza activity so far. Seasonal influenza can be prevented by receiving the annual ...
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How Leakage Affects Your Travel Program

Despite a travel management company’s (TMCs) daily efforts to create the best possible travel program for your business some bookings still go astray. Sometimes travelers won’t book through your preferred channel or they’ll book their own choice of hotel over the internet. When this happens, gaps start to appear in your data and your reporting. ...
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Compliance in Corporate Travel

How well do your employees follow company guidelines for business travel? Are there areas in your travel program where improved compliance could save you more? As demand for air travel and accommodation increases and market conditions continue to change, traveler compliance will become even more important for corporates keen to maintain control of their travel ...
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Protecting Executives Abroad with Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

For most Americans, the notion of being kidnapped and held for ransom is nothing more than the plot to a good action movie. For international business travelers, wealthy, or high-profile individuals living and traveling abroad (or individuals perceived as such), however, kidnapping can be a very real threat. Kidnapping for ransom has historically been a ...
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The Risky Business of Travel

Employees traveling internationally can create remunerative results and attain a reinvigorated pleasure in traveling as a representative of the company. Traveling across the pond for business purposes may also result in an onslaught of predicaments for the company. Predicaments that the employee might not have been informed of prior to departure. Small and large companies ...
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Security Planning for Business Aviation Travel – Part 1: Pre-Planning

Business aviation and aircraft operators benefit enormously from ordering security intelligence reports for international destinations they haven’t visited in sixty days or longer. Check out this list of seven key items to know before ordering a report(s), including crucial distinctions among the three types of intelligence reports and tips for the best methods of obtaining ...
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In Flight Cameras Would Assist in Accident Reconstruction, Crew Training and Enhanced Passenger Safety

With the final chapter on Malaysian Air flight #370 still unwritten, many aviation and security analysts seem to have attributed the tragedy to a sinister event, perhaps on the part of the pilot in command or the first officer.  Some have speculated that another crew member might have been responsible or even a passenger or ...
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