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Limiting Off-Duty Access To The Hotel

Many hospitality employers are surprised to learn that employees have a right under federal labor law to access the exterior, nonworking areas of the hotel property in their off-duty hours for union or other protected concerted activities. Hospitality employers are also surprised to learn that handbook rules prohibiting any off-duty employee access or conditioning off-duty ...
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Cross-Border Telecommuting Checklist

Belgium’s Roger Blanpain, perhaps the world’s preeminent professor of international employment law, once said that “we live in an information society, driven by knowledge in action.…[Services] can be provided via the information highways from anywhere, even from the other side of the globe…We are in a New World. It immediately becomes clear why developments in the globalized, non-material market ...
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The JOBS Act: Potential Impact on the Sale of Hotel Condominium Units

Co-authored by Brian L. Belt Changes in federal securities laws—namely,  the loosening of rules on solicitation and advertising—may have opened up a new vista for investors and speculators, such that the sale of hotel condominium units could become both more profitable and more common.  What follows are details of these changes and their expected impact. ...
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Tattoos, Haircuts, and Head Coverings

There is no legal requirement that an employer adopt a dress or appearance policy, but many restaurant and hospitality employers are looking to create (or maintain) a certain image. For good business reasons, hospitality employers adopt policies regulating dress and appearance in their workplaces. Employers may not only dictate uniform requirements, but they may expect a certain style and ...
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Let Me Take a Look at That Tattoo…

There is no question that tattoos, body piercings, and other forms of self-expression have become commonplace in modern society, especially among the Gen X and Gen Y demographic. As a result, employers have to deal with these issues in the workplace, even in companies that traditionally have had conservative dress and appearance expectations such as ...
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Love is in the Air: Workplace Romance Policies

Ria Chattergoon of Fisher & Phillips recently published an article titled “Love is in the Air” in our partner publication In the Mix. In this piece, she discusses some factors that lead to romantic attraction between employees, and the steps companies should take to ensure a relationship won’t end in litigation. Read More (Page 34)!
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Keeping Your Undocumented Employees Authorized for Employment

In today’s post, Gregg Rodgers, Chair of GSB’s Immigration Practice Group and member of our Hospitality, Travel & Tourism practice team, provides us with the latest updates regarding the federal processes that authorize employment for certain undocumented persons. In my previous blog post, I discussed how recent Presidential Executive Actions had made it possible for certain people who reside in ...
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Ten Things to Consider when Terminating an Employee

Back to school, back to work, back to serious decisions — now is a good time to recall key considerations before terminating an employee or employees. 1. Consider the Reason: Position Elimination vs. Performance Issues As a fundamental proposition, the employer must be able to articulate the reason for terminating an employee. A good exercise for employers is to summarize ...
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Common Accident Causes are Frequently Linked to Poor Employee Discipline

Did you know that over 80 out of every 100 accidents are the fault of the person involved in the incident? It’s true. Unsafe acts cause four times as many accidents as unsafe conditions. Accidents occur for many reasons.  In  many  situations,  people  tend  to  look  for  “things”  or  reasons  to  blame  when  an accident ...
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