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Unusual and Inexpensive Energy-Saving Tactics for Hotels

Over the years, facility hotel and building managers have introduced many different and unusual methods for saving energy. Some were extremely expensive, while others were more or less just common sense. Some ideas that have been suggested in the marketplace could literally be characterized as outright fraud, where salespeople espouse that their magic black box ...
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Reconciling Airbnb with Duty of Care for Corporate Travel

Worldwide phenomenon Airbnb (and others like VRBO and HomeAway), the website that allows people to rent out lodging spaces (typically privately-owned residences), has established itself as a disruptive force in the hospitality industry. It allows travelers to enjoy unprecedented flexibility at substantially reduced costs, and via a proven profile rating system has earned itself a ...
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Hotel Pools: Another Potentially Hazardous Amenity

We wrote about the hazards inherent in hotel balconies last week, but that isn’t the only potentially troublesome amenity that hotel owners and operators must review. Hotel swimming pools seem innocuous enough to most guests and hotel staff, but as a deep body of water, they present a drowning hazard nonetheless. Hotel management should consider ...
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Staying Vigilant for Your Guests: Hotel Safety, Scam Awareness, and Hacking Defense

No guest wants to feel insecure about the safety of his/her person, belongings, and bank account when staying at a hotel. No hotel owner wants his/her guests to feel this way, either! But the threat exists, and in our world of rapidly advancing technology, it evolves by the day. Hotel owners must take effective, adaptive ...
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The JOBS Act: Potential Impact on the Sale of Hotel Condominium Units

Co-authored by Brian L. Belt Changes in federal securities laws—namely,  the loosening of rules on solicitation and advertising—may have opened up a new vista for investors and speculators, such that the sale of hotel condominium units could become both more profitable and more common.  What follows are details of these changes and their expected impact. ...
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